Tennessee: Uranium fire at Y-12 National Security Complex prompts radiation fear in Oak Ridge

The Tennessee uranium facility fire incident sent panic in the region and also radiation fears started to grip the region.

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In a worrisome development, a secure uranium processing facility in Tennessee caught fire prompting emergency service to respond as soon as possible. The Tennessee uranium facility fire incident sent panic in the region and also radiation fears started to grip the region. The Tennessee uranium facility Y-12 confirmed on Wednesday, February 22 that a fire broke out in Building 9212 in a chemical handling hood. As per reports, officials at the Y-12 site said that the fire had been contained and presented no danger to residents. Officials were quoted by a US media saying, "I think if you live nearby you’d be very concerned” adding “The situation is under control and is contained.”

It is pertinent to mention here that no deaths have been reported so far and almost 200 employees were evacuated according to Y-12 who said that personal trained to deal with such an event had addressed the fire, but had also requested assistance from the Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC and the National Nuclear Security Administration. For the unversed, the Tennesse's facility is believed to have been built in 1945 and is due for replacement by the end of 2025. One of the primary chemical processing and enriched uranium production facilities at Y-12, the fire involved a uranium compound.

Now, coming back to radiation fear, all staff are being checked to ensure that no one has been affected by the fire with radiation poisoning of prime concern. The company added that local residents were unaffected and that an environmental impact survey will be completed to ensure that the surrounding neighbourhoods were unaffected.

Netizens react-

A user wrote, "Large-scale protective measures are being carried out after a uranium compound ignited in the national security complex Y-12* in Oak Ridge. In the video, the reporter assures that there is no danger of radiation release."

"Fire breaks out at National Security uranium processing facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Officials say it has been contained. " wrote another user.

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