Breaking the stereotype, that women are not as good as men in sports, a video of a school girl showing off her football skills that too in high heels has gone viral. While most people find it hard to even walk in a pair of stilettos, a girl from Mizoram has dazzled netizens by playing football wearing heels.

14-years-old Cindy Remruatpuii from the state of Mizoram has shared a video of her playing football in heels on her Instagram account. In the video, she could be seen juggling the ball with her feet. She did not drop the ball at once and managed to pull off some stunts, that too while wearing black heels.

The video has gone viral all over social media and netizens are praising the girl for her football skills. The viral video caught the attention of the state’s Sports Minister Robert Romawia Royte. He appreciated the girl for her talent and retweeted the video. “A talented young female football enthusiast Cindy Remruatpui from my constituency playing ball with pencil heel and showing ‘How it’s done'. Football is not just for boys, it's for everyone!” tweeted Royte.

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The class 10th student, Cindy Remruatpui said, “I wanted to try it differently so that I might inspire people to do the same. Also, I wanted to show that everyone can play football whether it is a girl or a boy.”

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