The Last of US Episode 1: What is the cordyceps outbreak that turned people into zombies?

The Last of Us Ep 1 shows how the apocalypse starts after people turned into a zombie due to Cordyceps outbreak in the United States of America

The Last of US Episode 1: What is the cordyceps outbreak that turned people into zombies? -

Adaptation of the video game of the same name, The Last of Us Episode 1 aired on Disney Plus Hotstar on Monday in India and sent chills down the spine of fans. Named 'When we are lost in the darkness', The Last of US Ep 1 made a solid impact on the viewers. Created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, The Last of US stars Pedro Pascal as Joel, Bella Ramsey as Ellie, Ashley Johnson as Anna, Troy Baker as Johnson, Merel Dandrige as Marlene, Melanie Lynskey as Kathleen, Anna Torv as Tess, Gabriel Luna as Tommy and more in pivotal roles. The Last of Us Ep 1 has almost three times i.e. 1968, 2003, and 2023. In 1968, one scientist point out a potential pandemic due to virus. However, other scientists point out an apocalypse due to fungi or let's say fungus. Then, in 2003, The Last of Us Ep 1 shows how the apocalypse starts after people turned into a zombie in the United States of America, especially in Texas. Then 2023 shows how the post-apocalyptic world will be in the Last of Us Episode 1. Now, the question arises what happened to the people or what kind of infection took place among the people that they turned into a zombie in The Last of Us.

What is the cordyceps outbreak?

The answer is cordyceps outbreak. The Last of Us EP 1 introduces us to Joel (Pedro Pascal), Ellie (Bella Ramsey), and Tess (Anna Torv), teasing their journey across a destroyed version of the U.S. It also explores the cordyceps outbreak that almost wiped out humanity. For the unversed, Cordyceps are a genus of fungi comprising more than 600 species. What most of these species have in common is that they are parasites, growing inside the body of a host until they eventually kill it. All the stories you heard about zombie ants eaten from the inside out by fungi are true, and the cordyceps are to blame.

A cordyceps usually attaches itself to another creature and slowly replaces its tissues, altering the neurological behavior of its victim. For instance, when cordyceps infect bugs, they take over their bodies and convince them to search higher places where they can spread their spores and contaminate even more bugs. It’s all part of the biological imperative that pushes all living creatures to reproduce and ensure the continuity of their genetic pool. But in the case of cordyceps, the result is terrifying.

Is the cordyceps outbreak real?

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The answer is no. In fact, the fungus has a long history of being used as a medicine, and has been utilized in a number of health supplements, including as an ingredient in Gwyneth Paltrow’s $200 smoothie. The fungus appears to hold some benefits for humans. As per reports, Sloan Kettering’s site notes improved strength and stamina, better kidney function and immune system boosts among the potential upshots (noting as well to consult your doctor before utilizing any product containing cordyceps). The fungus has also been used in various cancer studies with an eye toward slowing tumor growth.

The Last of Us 1

Named 'When we are lost in the darkness', The Last of Us starts with Joel and his daughter who take care of each other. Before the characters come in, The Last of Us shows a short interview in which a series of doctors discuss infection. To be precise, in the opening scene, the doctors discuss the potential pandemic. While one doctor states that pandemic due to virus is dangerous, another doctor induces fear when he lays down a scenario of pandemic due to fungi or fungus. In short, the doctor outlining the harmful affect of fungus was laying down how the world will look like in the future. The first episode alone jumps from 1968 to 2003, and then another 20 years again to 2023. In 2003, the advent of the pandemic has been shown in which Joel lost his daughter. Notably, an army person shoots her when Joel was trying to rescue her from the zombies. The timeline then shifts to 2023 i.e. post-pandemic world in which zombies are roaming the world while there are few groups of humans who have survived the apocalypse. However, there is a civil war going on while Joel and Tess (partners) live in the army settlement, and the fireflies who want to impose democracy are at violent war.