At a time when web series and movies are doing rounds and gaining traction all over the world, Netflix has brought a docuseries named The Playing Card Killer. The Playing Card Killer was released on Netflix on June 9, 2023, and the docuseries has been buzzing on social media among its Spanish viewers. Being a docuseries, The Playing Card Killer is based on a true story of the notorious serial killer named Alfredo Galán who terrorized the entire Spain in the early 2000s. The Playing Card Killer shows the recounts and interviews of people close to the series killer Alfredo Galán and his case. Alfredo Galán was infamous by the moniker 'The Playing Card Killer' as he used to leave cards beside the victims body and was among the most sensational cases that people of Spain ever encountered. Since, The Playing Card Killer is already streaming on Netflix, fans who are unaware of Alfredo Galán or have queries in mind like Who is Alfredo Galán or what happened to Alfredo Galán, can continue reading-

Who is Alfredo Galán?

Alfredo Galán is a Spanish serial killer who surrendered in June 2003 at a police station and confessed to being "The Playing Card Killer." Alfredo Galán confessed of killing 6 people and wounded three from 4 January - 18 March 2003. Alfredo Galán was sentenced to 143 years of prison by the Spanish court after his confession. Alfredo was born in the rural town of Puertollano in the South of Spain in 1978. He was 10 when his mother died and his father used to remain busy with his work. As a result, Alfredo lacked parental guidance since his childhood. However, when he reached his 20s he joined the Spanish Army and was based out of Madrid before being deployed for humanitarian work in Bosnia. From Bosnia, Alfredo managed to smuggle a pistol in his luggage which later became his prime weapon of multiple murders. When Alfredo was admitted to a hospital after being in an altercation with his commanding officer, he was treated for anxiety and neurosis. After receiving his mental health diagnosis he was subsequently discharged from the Spanish Army and began abusing his medications by mixing them with alcohol.

How Alfredo became serial killer and where is he now?

As per reports, in Junuary 2003, Alfredo committed his first murder when he killed 50-year-old Juan Francisco Ledesma. Galán travelled just a few kilometers from where he lived to wait outside the building where Juan worked as a janitor. He followed him into the building before making him kneel, shooting him at point-blank range with a stolen pistol. The murder of a 50-year-old was termed by the Spanish Police as roberry gone wrong. In the meantime, in February, a 28-year-old man named Juan Carols Martin Estacio was waiting for a bus in the early hours of the morning after finishing his night shift at Madrid Airport when he was brutally shot. However, this time Alfredo dropped an Ace of Cups card by the body as he fled the scene. Following that the media sensationalized the case and gave Alfredo the name of 'The Playing Card Killer'. Hence, Alfredo started to drop cards beside the victims' bodies.

Where is Alfredo Galán now?

As per reports, Alfredo Galán is currently 45 years old and serving his time in a Spanish prison. Therefore, for those looking to witness a true crime docuseries which haunted Spain to its core, then The Playcard Killer can be a perfect choice for you.

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