It's Bhai Dooj and people are all geared up for yet another festive occasion celebrating the brother-sister bond. Bhai Dooj, the fifth and final day of Diwali celebrations, is marked by sisters honouring their brothers and wishing them prosperity and health.

But, without Sweets and delicious food, celebrations are incomplete. Sweets can enhance the sweetness of your brother-sister relationship and who doesn’t want to have some amazing food.

Here are some outstanding dishes you can make at your home to enhance the festive spirit.

Kesari Shrikhand

Kesar shrikhand is a delightful Gujarati dish made with thick yoghurt, condensed milk, sugar, cardamom, and saffron. Serve the dessert chilled with dry fruits on top. This irresistible, creamy dessert will round out your Bhai Dooj celebrations.

Coconut Laddu

This is a delectable sweet that is both healthy and delicious. ade with condensed milk, powdered sugar, and desiccated coconut, Coconut Laddus are just too good to be true.

Stuffed Malai Kofta

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These delectable koftas are smothered in a delectable creamy gravy. Paneer and potatoes are seasoned and formed into tiny balls in this dish, which is then tossed in a delicious creamy gravy. This special dish can be served with plain white rice or chapatis.

This special dish can be served with plain white rice or chapatis.


When it comes to any special festival, Paneer is one of the easiest choices, and Bhai Dooj is no exception. The best way to eat Paneer 65 is with rice and roti.

Hara Bhara Kebabs

Hara Bhara Kebabs are popular North Indian snack patties made with a variety of leafy greens and vegetables such as spinach, coriander leaves, potatoes, and spices. This dish is a combination of healthy and tasty.

Gulab Jamun

There are a hundred varieties of sweets but nothing can replace Indians' love for Gulab Jamuns. In fact, any festival is incomplete without this sweet and made in home Gulab Jamun just hit different.

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