Traffic violators in Jalandhar to receive E-challan as 1000 CCTVs to be installed in the city

Integrated Command Control Centre along with the cameras is being prepared to keep an eye on criminal activity from a “third eye” according to Jalandhar PC Swapan Sharma

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Jalandhar Police Commissioner Swapan Sharma announced that traffic surveillance will be greatly increased to help alleviate the traffic problem in the city. Similar to how traffic violations are penalized in Chandigarh, more than 1,000 cameras will be installed at every square in the city. This will help the traffic police as the number plate of the violator will be recorded. Hence E-Challans will be issued to the violators at their home much like in major cities like Chandigarh. An Integated Command Control Center is also set to be installed wherein the corporation and fire department including district administration personnel will be deployed. The control room is being prepared to keep an eye on criminal activity from a “third eye”, according to the Commissioner.


He said that one thousand and two cameras will be installed at various points in the city to increase crime surveillance. The commissioner will be cracking down on the increasing criminal activity in the city. He said that strict action will be taken against those caught indulging in unlawful activity.


Police Commissioner Swapan Sharma said that the control room is being prepared to keep an eye on crime incidents from a “third eye”. For this purpose, 1,002 cameras are being installed at every square of the city.


Jalandhar Police Commissioner Swapan Sharma had recently launched a campaign to relieve people from the traffic problem which was very well received. More than 28 employees will be deployed. also be deployed in the control room. This is part of the Smart City initiative to transform major cities into metropolitans. Hence Smart City personnel will also be deployed. Police Commissioner said that those violating the rules will soon receive challan at their homes on the lines of Chandigarh. During this, he said that the personnel from stations located at the crime scenes will be immediately moved to the incident site to take stock. Strict action will now be taken against the accused who commit crimes.


Punjab DGP Gaurav Yadav is likely to start this initiative from December 31.