Everything has an answer. 

And everyone has that answer. 

The geek. The noob. If they have a phone, they have an answer.

There’s an App for everything today. Information is easily accessible by most. And it’s practically free. This bloated monster called the Internet has made our day to day tasks easier but our way of living more complicated.

Too much information has taken away the essence of subjects. You’ll see many people in many professional fields with lots of information but without real skill or tested knowledge. Deep work is lost today for one simple reason. The internet has got us in a habit of scrolling and throwing. This has drastically reduced our attention spans. And this isn’t just reflected in our time on-screen but off-screen too. 

“People know about a lot” isn’t essentially the same as “people know a lot”. They might have a lot of information about varied topics but without much depth.   

This doesn’t reflect as well on our generation as most of us believe.

      But then… 

      Is Ignore really bliss?

       I don’t know but I definitely worry less and live light on a day when my average Screen Time is not six hours and the number of people who died of Covid today isn’t the first figure I look at in the morning.

What you’re ingesting directly shapes your quality of thoughts.

So my dear young techies, it’s great that you like to keep yourself informed. But also be informed that in doing so, we’re somewhere leaving behind the traditional ways of disciplined and mindful learning and instead making way for superficial learning.

Now awareness is not a commodity millennial are ready to give up just yet. So how do you aware yourself the right way? What information to intake? What to sideline? Which headlines to take with a pinch of salt? Which ones with sugar?

Let’s discuss some ways:

  • Aware yourself with meaningful topics and not people’s lives.

What’s going on in someone’s life barely qualifies as knowledge. And yet most people who categorize themselves as informed know more about titbits of someone’s lives than their own professions and passions.

  • Pick the Positive. Shield out the Negative.

Be picky with the information you consume. Let the motivational, developmental and transformational information come rolling in. Does it add to your day? Your way of thinking? Your way of living? If yes, consume it. Adopt it. Live it.

If it doesn’t, move on and let go. Be careful with what you introduce to your brain as it will multiply inevitably in your life.

We started #FirstStoryPositive at True Scoop to change the game. Our first published story is always about a good news. Because we want to kick start your day the right way. The positive way. At the end of the day, you produce what you consume. Many great philosophers and self-help bestsellers lead back to the same thing.

Your state of mind is your state of life.

  • Do not over-consume information.

Overconsumption of information can pollute the mind. Contrary to popular belief, it can actually cloud your decision making instead of qualifying you as a smart cookie. Too many choices often puzzle the mind.

Cleansing your mind of all the thoughts for some time during the day can actually help retain information better.  Taking breaks is essential. Start your day with 15 minutes of silence where you push away all the noise that’s inevitably going to run your day. And see the difference it makes on your mind’s agility.

When you experience something, you remember it for a longer period of time. Focus on experiential knowledge rather than textual. Grasp the art of learning in a way that it develops your brain, instead of idly occupying it.

I, for one, choose to be in uninformed bliss than to be an informed idiot. What’s your pick?

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