The recruitment process of 7416 posts was done in 2016 for the post of constable in Punjab Police. Out of which 5581 were joined. At the same time, there were around 1000-1200 candidates whose names were put in the waiting list. Despite the post being vacant, these candidates have not been admitted till date.


Since Navjot Singh Sidhu became the Punjab head, 10 youths climbed the water tank in his office five times on Friday in Amritsar. Their demand is that the police recruitment should be kept in the waiting list for the last 5 years, joining them and more than 18 hundred of their associates should be done. They also allege that many times they have conveyed their demand to the Chief Minister’s Office.


A few days ago, Navjot Singh Sidhu, who became the President of Punjab Congress, has made many rounds of the office, but it is not known when his demand will be fulfilled.


Let us inform that in the year 2016, the police recruitment was done in Punjab. The process went on for a total of 7416 posts of constable. Out of these, 5581 were joined, while the remaining 1835 candidates were such, whose names were put in the waiting list. Out of this, during the subsequent investigation, 300 such people were also removed, whose documents were not complete or were fake, but the remaining 1535 were not joined till date despite the post being vacant.


Jagdeep Singh, one of the protesting candidates, said that since Navjot Singh Sidhu became the Punjab Congress chief, he has visited his office 5 times and has conveyed his demands to the CM office, but no satisfactory answer is being received. Now, they were forced to take this path.


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ADCP Harpal Singh reached the spot and ordered that if everyone does not come down in 5 minutes, then he will vote on all, but the candidates got even more enraged by this. He poured the petrol kept with him and said straight. Will die, will not come down. Seeing the youth angry, the accused disappeared from there.


During this social worker Mandeep Singh Manna also came to meet the youth. He assured everyone that the DGP would definitely find a solution after listening to him. 





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