US covid-19 death toll hits new daily record

According to John Hopkins University, 4,197 deaths were reported by Tuesday evening.

The United States on Tuesday set a record for the most Covid-19 deaths recorded in a single day since the beginning of the pandemic, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

As of Tuesday evening, 4,197 deaths were registered in the country. 

According to John Hopkins University, the only time when the number of deaths has gone over 4,000 was on January 7 when 4,194 total deaths were reported. 

Before Tuesday's record-setting death toll, the US had averaged more than 3,223 Covid-19 deaths a day over the past week, JHU data showed.

Following public concern over the delay in vaccinations, the Trump administration will now release reserved second doses immediately, US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that more than 9 million US citizens have been injected with the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and more than 27 million doses have been distributed. 

This makes up to one-third of vaccines that have been delivered, has been given to people. 

Six states -- North Dakota, West Virginia, Connecticut, South Dakota, Montana and Tennessee have given enough first shots to account for more than half of the doses they've received. Meantime, seven states -- Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Hawaii, Virginia, Idaho and California have administered less than a quarter of the doses they've received.

Over the past week, an average of 248,650 new Coronavirus cases has been recorded every single day. 

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The increase in the number of virus cases has been kindled because of holiday travels and casual at-home gatherings that experts had warned against, earlier.  

"This is what we were afraid of -- people letting their guard down over Christmas and New Year's," New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said.


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