Viral video: Big officials, ministers and politicians are the real thieves, not the businessmen

A video is going viral on the internet, the person in the video claims himself to be the owner of popular Haldiram Company. Read the excerpts from the interview

A video has resurfaced on the internet, which is claimed to be of the Haldiram’s company owner Manohar Lal Aggarwal. In the video Aggarwal is seen expressing his views on corruption. In an interview, he has commented on the prevailing corruption in the government sector, and how it affects the businessmen and business in India. However, the person in the interview is actually Haldiram’s owner is yet not confirmed.


The person in video i.e. Manohar Lal stated that to save the nation one has to talk about the condition of business in India, and what problems businessmen face.


He blamed the government of falsely accusing business to be the reason of corruption in the nation. He questioned the government by asking, “What is the real reason for corruption, the business which provides employment to thousands, or the government who defalcates and provides no service to the people.”


The Indian snacks king, Manohar blamed government officials for stealing the public's money and using it for their own goods. He also stated that corrupt officials extort money from honest businessmen.


He said, “Big officials, ministers, and politicians who defalcate are the real thieves, not the one who provides employment opportunities to many people.” 


“I just want to ask one question; I have paid millions of income tax. In case my company faces any downfall, will the government provide any help to me”, he added.


Manohar Lal said that there is no such policy or system designed to help businessmen who have contributed to the development of the nation by paying taxes.


“The government is not willing to help businessmen by providing sources or any aid. The government has to understand that only business can help a nation grow fully. And to improve business status in India, the government needs to provide financial and social security to business owners” he stated.


The Haldiram’s owner expressed his views by saying that to become a superpower, you have to help everyone, provide employment, and the goal should be the well being of all.


In 2019, Forbes had featured Haldiram’s owners among India’s 100 Richest.

(The True Scoop has formed this news story from the viral video, it doesn’t hold any accountability for the allegations made in the video)





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