We've seen older adults perform 100-meter sprints, go to the gym, and even skydive to commemorate their 100th birthday. However, a vibrant, elderly woman dancing like she's 80 and counting is a truth that will take some time to sink in.

A viral video has gone viral, showing a Desi Dadi in a blue saree strutting her stuff like no one is looking, while she was really dancing at what looked to be a huge gathering.

As Dadi goes crazy and flaunts her agile moves, the iconic song ‘Saami Saami’ by Mounika Yadav from the film Pushpa: The Rise plays in the background.

The viral video has received over 45,000 views on Instagram and has kept netizens delighted.

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Meanwhile, an elderly Sikh couple who made waves in March 2019 when a video of them dancing to 'Lamborghini' went viral has struck again. 

The power couple was seen dancing with unparalleled enthusiasm to a popular mashup rendition of ‘Dildaara’ and ‘I Like Me Better’ at another party this time around.

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