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This incident is from Madhya Pradesh's Gwalior, where a man was seen beating a stray dog to death. The reason behind the incident is that the dog visits the man's female dog every day. The CCTV footage of the whole incident got viral. In the video, the man is brutally beating the dog with his sticks.

As the video got viral on the Internet, the dog lovers of the near area visited the police station and filed a complaint against the man. In the police investigation, the accused is identified as Banti Bais. The police registered a case against him.

In the video, when the dog daily came near Banti's house he started beating the dog with a stick, the other dogs ran away. After beating the dog with a stick, he took a huge stone from the streets and threw it on the dog.

 The police disclosed that the man was upset over the stray dog visiting daily to his female dog, so when on Wednesday when the same thing happened he couldn't control himself and the whole incident happened.

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