On Friday, singer Rahul Vaidya and actress Disha Parmar married. As they talked with the media shortly after their wedding ceremonies, the pair looked stunning in their wedding attire. Disha looked stunning in a red lehenga, while Rahul wore a cream and beige sherwani. The pair also welcomed the press and handed out sweets.

The newlywed pair has been sharing their wedding celebrations on social media with photos and videos. From the couple's engagement to the haldi ceremony, fans have been raving over the couple's significant moments.

Now, photographs and videos of the pair from their magnificent reception ceremony, which they hosted on Friday evening following their wedding ceremony, have gone viral. 

Disha wore a shimmering drape saree from Delhi's ace designer Dolly J to the reception, while Rahul sported a white coat with a black shirt and trousers. In her beautiful saree, Disha looked simply stunning.

On social media, several videos from #Dishul's wedding celebration have gone viral. Disha and Rahul performed romantic couple dance.

In one rocking performance Disha Parmar wore shoes and performed well with Rahul.

Rahul and Disha can also be seen acing the couple dance to a romantic tune in one of the videos. In another, they appear to be having a great time grooving to a dance number.

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Take a look at the photos here:

Meanwhile, they'll do their sangeet ceremony on Saturday, a day after their wedding, in a rare move. Sumit Khaitan choreographed the dance performance.

Sumit previously stated in an interview that choreographing the couple is a lot of fun and that they are highly enthusiastic. "The experience has been great because both of them are full of life," he said.Rahul is very expressive and Disha is an amazing dancer.

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