Do you want to make your career in online gaming? Know most sought roles & courses to study

PM Modi's interaction with online gamers outlined the growing online gaming market in India and how the streamers are raking up lakhs of rupees on a daily basis.

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When Prime Minister Narendra Modi met India's top online gamers before the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 many termed it BJP's attempt to woo young voters. Nevertheless, PM Modi's interaction with online gamers outlined the growing online gaming market in India. Many online gamers informed PM Modi how they earned lakhs just by streaming their gameplay on YouTube. A few others also shared that they represented India at the international level in gaming. During the interaction, what raised everyone's eyebrows was when PM Modi refused to impose a regulatory body on the gaming industry. 

PM Modi said, "To regulate would not be ideal because it is the nature of government to intervene, that is its fundamental nature. Either impose restrictions under the law or try to understand and mould it basis our country's needs. Bring it under an organised, legal structure and uplift the reputation. Once that is achieved, it will be hard for anyone to bring it down."

Now, some youths aspire to be gamers or want to create games that can make them successful person and even a millionaire in the future. Now, the question is what are the most sought roles in gaming sectors, and how to even start preparing for the particular sector? Below is everything you need to know- 

Most-sought jobs in the Gaming sector

As per ET, there is a significant demand for skilled game designers. As per Tomoharu Urabe,, many talented designers are quickly recruited by global studios, which creates a gap in the local industry. A VR company CEO was also quoted saying that some of the most sought-after roles for early career professionals are- 

  1. game developers, who code and create the game mechanics
  2. game designers, who concentrate on the overall concept, storyline, characters, and gameplay
  3. quality assurance testers
  4. graphic artists and animators
  5. sound designers

Courses that help you in pursuing your gaming career

As per the report, many courses can help you in your journey to becoming a game creator. The courses are- Unreal Engine Developer Course, Unity Certified Developer Course, Coursera Game Design and Creation Specialisation are some of the excellent courses to learn game creation.

To become a game designer, courses like MIT OpenCourseWare Certificate in Game Design, edX course on Game Design and Development, Certifications such as the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), etc can also help you. 

To make anything related to game or even be gamer, you must have a creative mind. Excelling in Soft skills, collaboration, effective communication, leadership, adaptability, critical thinking and empathy is of utmost importance as games are developed by large, diverse teams.