In an apparent embarrassment for the Congress, its legislator Joginder Pal in Punjab allegedly assaulted a man who questioned him over the work done in the constituency.


A video of the incident has gone viral on social media.


The video shows the legislator, dressed in a white kurta, talking about the development works carried out by him in his Boha constituency in Pathankot district.

Joginder Pal was seen giving a speech at a Jagrata. When a man interrupts his address to the crowd, MLA asks him to share the stage and tell his issues. However, as soon as man questions Joginder Pal’s work in the village saying "tu ki kita?" (What have you done for village) the MLA gets enraged and starts slapping him.

Soon the MLA’s gunmen and a few others start thrashing the man.

Responding to the development, Home Minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa said the MLA should not have behaved in this fashion.


"We are the people's representatives and here to serve them," Randhawa said.

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Meanwhile, the video is being widely circulated on the internet with people criticizing the congress leader for his behaviour.

People on social media describing Joginder Pal as "Gunda" (Goon), question democracy and citizens' right to question. Meanwhile, some in the comment section argue that the man could have asked his question with respect, thus justifying Joginder Pal's action.

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