When Shah Rukh Khan said 'Rahul Gandhi should lead the country as PM' at Koffee with Karan; Watch

There was a time when Shah Rukh Khan expressed that he wants to see Rahul Gandhi leading India as the Prime Minister of the country at Koffee with Karan.

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The Lok Sabha Elections 2024 campaign will end on May 30 for most of the parties and focus will now shift to June 1 voting. After the completion of June 1 voting, the people of India will give the verdict that who it want to see the next Prime Minister on June 4, 2024. Amid this, there are multiple claims going viral on social media that Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is endorsing Rahul Gandhi and is campaigning for the Congress party in Lok Sabha Elections 2024. However, the viral tweet with SRK saying, "Next PM Rahul Gandhi confirmed" is fake. Not only this, a viral video showcased, Shah Rukh Khan standing on a car and campaigning for the Congress party is also fake. The man in the video is not Shah Rukh Khan but his lookalike. 

However, there was a time when Shah Rukh Khan expressed that he wants to see Rahul Gandhi leading India as the Prime Minister of the country. Yes! you heard it right. Shah Rukh Khan during Koffee with Karan Season 3 had lauded the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during the rapid fire round. Host & film-maker Karan Johar had asked SRK what question will he ask if he comes up with his own show one day. 

On this SRK answered, "I will ask him when will you lead the country for the first time. I think he is a marvelous leader. I think he should lead the country."

Shah Rukh Khan's fake tweet

A tweet is also going viral saying that Shah Rukh Khan said that Rahul Gandhi will be next PM. 

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However, the viral tweet that is being widely circulated by Pro Congress social media handles is actually fake. Shah Rukh Khan never endorsed Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. In fact, in May 2024, Shah Rukh Khan made two tweets only. 

On May 18, SRK wrote, "As responsible Indian citizens we must exercise our right to vote this Monday in Maharashtra. Let’s carry out our duty as Indians and vote keeping our country’s best interests in mind. Go forth Promote, our right to Vote."

On May 22, SRK wrote, "To my boys…. my team…. my champs….”these blessed candles of the night” …. My Stars…of KKR. I cannot do a lot of things and you cannot do them all either…but together we manage most of them. That’s what @KKRiders stood for. Simply being together. Beyond the ability and guidance of @GautamGambhir….the earnestness of Chandu, the love of @abhisheknayar1
 & leadership of @ShreyasIyer15... the dedication of @rtendo27, Bharat Arun @1crowey & @Numb3z... this team is built on no hierarchy just pure respect for collaboration. GG said if u can’t support a single vision as a team….u are leading to a division in the team. Each player understood that. Young and old. The Trophy is not a testament of having the best players in the team….but a proof of each player being the best for the team. Boys you are all made of Star stuff!! Love you all and don’t let the dancing stop! Also, so happy and thankful for each and every KKR fan and I hope all around the world youngsters learn that Tough times don’t last….Finally Tough and Happy teams do! Korbo…Lorbo…Jeetbo….Always."


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