Where will Bengaluru’s second airport be located? Here’s the statement from the state's infrastructure minister

Karnataka infrastructure minister M. B. Patil states the city's second airport location will soon be decided, considering passenger volume and proximity to KIA.

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The planned second airport location in the city will soon be decided, according to M. B. Patil, the Karnataka minister of infrastructure. When choosing a location, the government will take into account two important factors, according to Patil, who spoke on Sunday: the volume of passengers and the airport's proximity to the current Kempegowda International Airport (KIA).

Areas like Sarjapura and Kanakapura Road are strong contenders if we prioritize passenger load. But Tumkur and Dabaspete will be the top choices if proximity to the current airport is the main consideration, according to Patil. He went on to say that these issues will be brought up in the next departmental meeting and will be further examined with the chief minister prior to being brought before the cabinet.

The 150-kilometer radius restricting the construction of new airports is covered by the exclusivity agreement with Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), the operator of the KIA, which ends in 2032. This makes building a new airport by 2033 possible. According to Patil, the government has already commenced the planning process in order to factor in the time required for land acquisition and compensation.

The distance between the two airports in Mumbai is 36 kilometers. Patil said he draws comparisons with large cities like New York and London that have several airports nearby. He added that it would be necessary to reevaluate the Tamil Nadu government's choice to construct an airport in Hosur in order to determine whether the exclusivity agreement with BIAL still holds true.

With 37.5 million passengers and over 400000 metric tons of cargo handled last year, KIA is currently the third busiest airport in India behind Delhi and Mumbai. According to the minister's office, the present airport is anticipated to handle passengers at its maximum by 2033 and cargo at its maximum by 2040.