Let's talk about how we convert healthy drink into a non-healthy drink with taking an example of watermelon smoothie, loved and enjoyed by most of us. This smoothie is easily made up of watermelon and mint leaves.

However, people don’t make it as simple as it is. They add a lot of sugar in their watermelon smoothie, which is not required since watermelon of its own is very rich in sugar. Which means that there is no need to add any additional sugar in your smoothie.

But, we see a lot of people saying that "we can't drink watermelon shake without adding sugar."

If we see the science behind sugar, it has no nutrition value(literally 0 nutritional value) so the only purpose sugar is giving us a sweet taste and a lot of calories which is addictive.

Also, I add a little sugar in my tea every day as some foods taste good using sugar only such as Halwa, Rasgulla, Brownie, etc.

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But the point is that consuming a little bit of sugar every day won't harm you if you are eating nutritious food all along and you lead a healthy lifestyle like you do some kind of workout every day,  yoga, walk or any other physical exercise.

When you are physically inactive and mentally as well, that’s the time sugar starts to harm you. Because you are not working out, even you are not eating a portion of healthy food and also you tend to be stressed or be in the company of the negative people around when all these negative combined than sugar can lead to being harmful otherwise no little thing can harm you.

Sugar alone can never be evil its the lifestyle that makes it bad together.

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