The ancient sword of Indian ruler Tipu Sultan grabbed global headlines after it was sold in an auction in London at a whopping price of 14 million pounds ($17.4 million or ₹ 140 crore). Tipu Sultan's sword which is called 'bedchember' sale announcement was done by Auction house Bonhams which organized the entire sale event. As per Bonhams, Tipu Sultan's sword garnered 7 times more than the estimated price. The auction house further stated that Tipu Sultan's sword made a new auction world record for an Indian and Islamic object. Furthermore, it added that Tipu Sultan won fame in wars of the late 18th century and he fought against the Marathas on several occasions between 1775 and 1779. However, in India, Britain yet again came under the scanner for ranking in money on 'rightfully' India's object. Furthermore, a section of the media reminded the Brits of the 'bloody history' of Tipu Sultan's sword. Not only this, many expressed their desire to know who bough Tipu Sultan's sword. To know the details continue reading below-

Before coming straight to the answer, let's know what Bonhams further said about Tipu Sultan's bedchember sword and what is its history-

Bruno Vinciguerra, CEO of Bonhams in the official was quoted saying that Tipu Sultan's bedchember sword is among the most astonishing objects his firm had the privilege to bring to an auction. "This is one of the most astonishing objects Bonhams has had the privilege of bringing to auction. It is a stupendous price for a stupendous piece. I am so thrilled for our teams that worked so hard to deliver this result," said Bruno Vinciguerra.

Furthermore, Nima Sagharchi, Group Head of Islamic and Indian Art talked about the history of the sword and said, "The sword has an extraordinary history, an astonishing provenance and unrivalled craftsmanship. It was no surprise it was so hotly contested between two phone bidders and a bidder in the room. We are delighted with the result."

Talking about Tipu Sultan's bedchember sword's history, the auction house's official website stated that it was recovered after the fall of Sultan's stronghold at Seringapatam on 4 May 1799. As per reports, Tipu slept in a hammock suspended from the ceiling of his locked and bolted bedchamber with a pair of pistols and this sword by his side. The sword was discovered in Tipu’s private apartments after his defeat at the battle of Seringapatam. Following the battle, the sword was presented to (then) Major General David Baird by the Army of the East India Company as a 'token of their high esteem of his courage and conduct in the assault' which resulted in the killing of Tipu. Later, Tipu Sultan's sword was given on loan to the British Museum London by Major General Augustus WH Meyrick and Nancy Dowager.

What is written on the Tipu Sultan's sword?

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As seen in the pictures, it can be seen there are scriptures in Urdu written on Tipu Sultan's sword. Reportedly, the text on the sword says, "Ya allah! ya nasir! ya fattah! ya nasir! ya mu’in! ya zahir!, ‘O Allah!, O the Helper! O the Ever-opener! O the Aider! O The Helper! O The Evident!"

Who bought Tipu Sultan's sword at a record price?

Well, True Scoop News tried to dig deep on the buyer of Tipu Sultan's sword. However, Bonhams did not reveal who bought the sword and kept the buyer's name a secret. So, for those looking for the name about who bought Tipu Sultan's sword, they have to wait for now.,

What netizens said on Tipu Sultan's sword auction?

A user wrote, "Tipu Sultan's Sword Sold For Rs 140 Crore At London Auction. Such a lousy report. No mention of the buyer or seller. It further adds 'He fought against the Marathas on several occasions between 1775 and 1779.'"

Another user wrote, "The Ultimate Warrior in History Of India ..King Of Mysore..First who invented Missile"

"Who will keep the money? Britishers? Why? Does it belong to them?? Absolutely not!" wrote another user.

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