In a blood-boiling incident, a Syro Malankara Catholic Church priest from the Kanyakumari district named Benedict Anto's video leaked on social media resulting in a massive uproar among people. Benedict Anto videos have been breaking the internet ever since it was shared on social media. As per reports, Benedict Anto's scandalous videos were leaked by a group of men who attacked him a few days ago and stole his laptop. Benedict Anto video scandal is turning out to be big controversies as reports suggest that the priest was seen in compromising state with minors and even married women in multiple videos and photos. Now, the question arises who is Benedict Anto and what is the full issue?

Who is Benedict Anto?

Benedict Anto is a Syro Malankara Catholic Church priest from the Kanyakumari district. Reportedly, he is on the run after his scandalous videos broke the internet and attracted ire from people on social media. It is pertinent to mention here that Benedict Anto has been accused of being a sexual predator, who would send obscene messages and also kiss and touch women inappropriately. He would then force these women to keep quiet by threatening to release their intimate videos. Now, the question arises, how Anto's name came to the fore?

As per multiple reports, a lady complained to the police saying that Anto had filed a false case against her son Austin Gino because he had dared to confront him for harassing his female friend, who is a medical student. Furthermore, the complainant accused the priest of sexually exploiting women who attend his congregation and threatening them with videos of their intimate moments. A Tamil media report further suggest that Anto allegedly trapped females of all ages, including minor girls. A medical student, reportedly the daughter of an influential person in the church, was also trapped by the priest. He threatened his victims using pictures taken with them and WhatsApp chats saying that he would reveal their secrets to exploit them sexually. He trapped even married women in this method.

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Going by Benedict Anto's Facebook profile, he did his Philosophical Studies at St.Mary's seminary TVM. Apart from this, Anto did his MBA at Annamalai University. He also did BA- Philosophy from Kerala University.

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