'Who is Kiri's father?': Avatar: The Way of Water ending leaves fans with plethora of questions

With Avatar 2, James Cameron has proved again why he is counted among the best directors in Hollywood.

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The most awaited movie Avatar: The Way of Water was finally released in theaters worldwide on December 16, 2022. After a long span of almost 12 years, Avatar 2 hit the theaters with a promise of spectacle brilliance and it indeed delivered. Directed by veteran Hollywood director James Cameron, Avatar 2 resumes the story of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) embracing his new reality of being a Navi. For the unversed, Navis are natives of the new planet Pandora from where the 'invading' humans were kicked out when they lost the war with the natives with the help of Jake Sully. Coming to Avatar 2, James Cameron indeed proved again why he is counted among the best director in Hollywood. However, unlike its first part which threw no questions or mysteries at all, Avatar: The Way of Water leaves fans puzzled. So, for those who have not watched Avatar: The Way of Water yet, they are advised to watch the movie first in the theaters as this write-up may contain some spoilers.

Avatar 2 storyline

Avatar 2 resumes with Jake Sully raising his family with his wife Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). In the first half of the movie, the James Cameron-directorial has showcased how well Jake has adopted his 'Navi' reality and is now the leader of his clan. What keeps the audience on the edge of their seat is that Avatar 2 does not waste any time and showcase the return of the invaders including 'The Colonel'. Yes! you heard it right. The Colonel who was the antagonist in the first part returns again. Now, the question arises, how he returned when in the first part he was killed by Neytiri with her arrows? The answer is that The Colonel returns to the plant in his Navi avatar along with his 'old team' who were killed in the first part. Now, another question arises how the Colonel got his own Avatar? To know the answer to this, True Scoop advises you to watch the movie in theaters.

Now, coming to Kiri, to understand who is she, we first have to understand the family of Jake Sully. In Avatar 2, Jake is now a family man, who has two sons and one little daughter. Apart from his own son and daughter, he has also two more kids. One is Kiri, who is the Navi avatar of Dr. Grace Augustine (an expert on all things related to Pandora and the head of the Avatar program in part 1) and the other is a human boy named Miles "Spider" Socorro (the son of the colonel).

Now, coming to Kiri's character, his father's name has been kept a mystery throughout the film. Kiri possesses a special power that can actually listen to Ewya and even talk to any creature underwater by making her connection. In the movie, it has been shown, how Kiri is being bullied by other Navi children for being different. In fact, Tonowari's son Aonung even asks her why she is a freak as she loves to remain underwater and communicate with the sea creatures in her own way. However, Jake's elder son and younger son Lo'ak always rescue her from any trouble or bullying. Hurt by the bullying and constant questions, Kiri asks Jake who is her father and she really wants to know it, However, when Jake was about to discuss it, other things start to happen, which signals that Kiri's father's mystery might be a big and therefore the makers want to reveal it in other upcoming parts of Avatar.

Interestingly, Kiri goes too far (unknowingly) when she asks the Ewya of the Water clan about her father. Kiri forms a bond with the Ewya and goes into a supernatural realm to talk to her deceased mother Dr. Grace. At first, both of them affectionately meet but when Kiri drops the question about her father, suddenly she suffers a heart stroke, and then Jake Sully was warned by Ronal (Kate Winslet) to not let connect with the Gods again, or else she won't live this time.

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Now, the question arises who might be Kiri's father? Well, the question remains a mystery and it has not been revealed by the makers. However, there are few people who can be Kiri's father. While some fan believes that Ewya is Kiri's father, it might be a possibility as she possesses some powers which no Navis do. Another theory suggests that the only person named as a potential suspect is Doctor Norm Spellman, who also has a Na’vi avatar and could, in theory, at least have had a relationship with Grace that we didn’t see onscreen. However, Cameron has his ways to surprise the fans. The fact is Kiri does not asks her 'mother' Neytiri about her mother points out that it is something to do with Jake Sully.