US and other airlines often come across bizarre passengers flying with them making others comfortable. However, when similar types of things are done by famous people, they go viral on social media. An Instagram model named Morgan Osman is now going viral worldwide after she was filmed shamelessly abusing cabin crews on a flight. The video titled 'I m Instagram famous' model is spreading like wildfire on social media and many people have expressed their anguish over the model's rude behavior. As per reports, Morgan Osman who claims to have dated Britney Spears's former husband Sam Ashgari was kicked out of the flight after an airline meltdown was caught on camera.

Although it is still unclear what actually happened between Morgan and the cabin crews but in the short 20-second clip posted to the platform formerly known as Twitter, a woman wearing a grey bodysuit can be heard berating others as she collects her belongings from the overheard bin and makes her walk of shame off the flight. In the viral 'I m Instagram famous' video, Morgan was heard saying, "Call me a b*tch again," she says to someone off-camera. "Yeah? I did nothing wrong!" When the other person tells her to "shut up," she fires back: "No, you shut the f*ck up. You shut the f*ck up, and your b*tch." After noticing that another passenger recording her, she verbally fired back saying, "Film me! I'm Instagram famous, you f*cking b*m."

Watch Morgan Osman's flight vira video

Notably, after Morgan started getting trolled and slammed on social media, she reportedly deleted her Instagram account which she boasted about in the viral video. Morgan had almost 1 million followers. As per US media reports, Osman is most famous for her stints on reality TV, most notably being featured on season 5 of the Oxygen reality show series “The Bad Girls Club,” which took place in her hometown of Miami. Morgan also appeared on VHI’s short-lived fashion series “Miami Monkey.”

She had posted a controversial statement which she later deleted saying that she had been seeing Asghari while he was dating the “Everytime” singer, spawning rumors of infidelity. She even posted her picture kissing Sam, however, she later deleted it.

What did netizens say about Morgan Osman's viral video?

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A user wrote, "No Longer Instagram Famous Morgan Osman, the girl from this video, has DELETED her claim to fame instagram profile. Now what? Shes back to being like the rest of us “b*ms”

Another user wrote, "Her name is Morgan Osman. Was she justified or not? There was another airline incident that is going viral on social media. This time it was a woman who got into an argument with some other passengers an airplane. When she sees a man recording her, she immediately tells him that she’s famous on social media. It turns out that this woman is Morgan Osman, and she’s actually right. She has close to 1 million social media followers. She is a Designer out of Miami and LA. A lot of times videos don’t tell the entire story. We don’t know all of the facts of what took place, and we also don’t know what this woman was going through mentally or emotionally. People on social media are so quick to jump to conclusions, and very reluctant to open their minds to the fact that we might be missing a perspective. What do you think? Are people being too hard on Morgan Osman?"

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