Who is Spider's mother? Colonel Quaritch's son in Avatar: The Way of Water

Miles "Spider" Socorro is the son of Miles Quaritch AKA The Colonel in The Way of Water

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James Cameron-directorial Avatar: The Way of Water was released in theaters on December 16, 2022, and took the internet by storm moments after its release. After a span of almost 13 years of its release first part, Avatar 2 finally arrived in theaters with a plethora of promises including an experience of a lifetime. Just like its prequel, the major attraction of the film is its breathtaking visuals, CGI work, and, of course, VFX. Now, for those who have already watched the movie, there is one question that is poking the fans and that is who is Spider's mother in the Way of Water? For the unversed, Miles "Spider" Socorro is the son of Miles Quaritch AKA The Colonel. The Colonel was the main antagonist in Avatar 1 who was killed in the end. However, The Colonel has returned in Avatar 2 but through his Na'vi avatar.

Who is the Spider and his mother?

"Spider" Socorro is the adopted 'human' child of Jake and Neytiri along with Kiri. However, Neytiri isn't as much of a supporter of Spider given that he is 100% human. Another reason behind Neytiri's disaffection of Spider is he is the son of Miles Quaritch. While there are many questions that are unanswered in The Way of Water, one is about Spider's mother. Born on Pandora, Spider was unable to return to Earth after the first Pandora mission because he was too young to be sent back in cryotherapy. In Avatar 2, Spider gets united with the Navi avatar of his father, however, he did not stand for him seeing his ill-treatment of the 'blue monkeys'.

Spider's introduction brings forth a shocking revelation - Miles Quaritch has a son. Following Quartich's initial death, Miles Jr. was abandoned by the human colony and was too young to make the long and physically draining experience of returning to Earth, so Jake and Neytiri accepted him into their familial circle (though the matriarch is still untrustworthy of humans). Being human also means that Spider can't breathe the air on Pandora and requires a rebreather to walk around in unpressurized areas, making his life on Pandora likely even more difficult. He earns the trust of his father, even going as far as to save him in the final battle, but the film ends with the father and son continuing to be estranged.

As per Cameron's novel, Spider was born in the year 2154 in Hell’s Gate, the first human colony in Pandora. His character was first introduced in Avatar: The High Ground, an Avatar comic book series that’s a prequel to Avatar: The Way of Water. In the comics, it was revealed that his mother is Paz Socorro, a Scorpion pilot for the security operations team. In the comics, it said that she and Colonel Quaritch slept together, though were never in a relationship. Socorro died during the assault on the Tree of Souls, where the RDA fought against the Na’vi just so it could mine the unobtainium that could be found underneath the Hometree. Unfortunately, she died after she was hit by an arrow during the battle and was said to have a photo of Spider as a baby in her vehicle.

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Avatar 2 storyline

Avatar 2 resumes with Jake Sully raising his family with his wife Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). In the first half of the movie, the James Cameroon-directorial has showcased how well Jake has adopted his 'Navi' reality and is now the leader of his clan. What keeps the audience on the edge of their seat is that Avatar 2 does not waste any time and showcase the return of the invaders including 'The Colonel'. Yes! you heard it right. The Colonel who was the antagonist in the first part returns again. Now, the question arises, how he returned when in the first part he was killed by Neytiri with her arrows? The answer is that The Colonel returns to the plant in his Navi avatar along with his 'old team' who were killed in the first part. Now, another question arises how the Colonel got his own Avatar? To know the answer to this, True Scoop advises you to watch the movie in theaters. Ultimately, it will be again The Navis taking on the 'invading' humans in another great war. But, what happens in the end? To know this answer, fans should go to the theaters and experience James Cameron's theatrical masterpiece.