Who is Kunal Kapur's ex-wife? Master Chef India judge granted divorce by Delhi HC

The celebrity chef had appealed against the family court’s verdict denying him a divorce in the Delhi High Court.

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Master Chef India judge & celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur on Tuesday was granted a divorce from his estranged wife on grounds of cruelty. The Delhi High Court observed that Kunal Kapur's wife's conduct lacked dignity and empathy. The celebrity chef had appealed against the family court’s verdict denying him a divorce. The Delhi HC stated that making reckless, defamatory and humiliating allegations against a spouse in public amounts to cruelty. In his plea,  Kunal Kapur accused his wife of disrespecting his parents and humiliating him. Now, the question arises who is Kunal Kapur's ex-wife, and what went wrong between the couple? 


Who is Kunal Kapurs ex-wife?


As per the information available, Kunal married Ekta in April 2008 and had a son in 2012. In 2013, Kunal appeared on Nach Baliye to promote Master Chef India and during that, he expressed his views to participate in the show with his (then) wife Ekta. Kunal was quoted saying, "My wife Ekta Kapoor loves dancing and is extremely good at it. But when it comes to me, I find it externally challenging to even do one step in sync. Looking at the way the couples on the show, who have been non-dancers, have progressed, only for the sake of their wife, I am extremely touched."


Coming to Kunal Kapoor & Ekta Kapoor's divorce,  the Celebrity Chef accused his estranged wife of never respecting his parents and repeatedly humiliating him. On the other hand, his ex-wife claimed that these allegations were false and were made to mislead the court. She also mentioned that he did not respect the institution of marriage and even was dishonest as a parent. She further accused Kunal of extra-marital affairs after he rose to fame. 


As per reports, during the arguments in the court it was alleged that during the marriage, Kunal's wife was in the habit of making calls to the police to threaten him and his family. He alleged that in September 2016, while he was shooting for MasterChef India at Yah Raj Studios, his wife barged into the studio with their minor son and created a ruckus at his workplace following which he got a restraining order against her.


Finally, the Delhi High Court granted both Kunal and Ekta divorce.