Why should you avoid uploading your COVID Vaccination Card on social media platforms?

Sharing your COVID vaccination certificate on social media could be a dreadful step.

After vaccination has been opened for adults, it has brought joy in people giving them a little relief from the fear of the virus. The vaccine is the only way left to safeguard yourself from the adverse effects of the Coronavirus. However, sharing your COVID-19 vaccination certificate on social media amid the happy moment can be a dreadful idea. 

The centre has issued a warning against sharing your vaccine certificates on social media. 

People who have been administered the vaccine or have got their first dose have posted their certificates on social media without reflecting on the fact that their certificate carries some crucial data that should not be put on a public forum. 

The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued an advisory on Twitter from the Cyber Dost account, which is the Cyber-safety and Cybersecurity awareness handle. 

Sending an alert to users against posting their certificates online, the government in a Tweet stated: “Beware of sharing #vaccination certificate on social media because the vaccine certificate contains your name and other personal details.” 

It further highlights that a vaccination certificate should not be shared on social media because it can be misused by cyber fraudsters to defraud you.

What does the COVID Vaccination certificate contain?

The Government of India issues a certificate the very moment a person receives his/her first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, which mentions the name of the vaccine you have got along with the time, date, vaccination centre and name of the nurse who has administered the vaccine shot. The certificate also carries the last four digits of your Aadhaar card. Apart from this, the second dose date is also mentioned in the certificate. 

However, the certificate received after the first dose is only a provisional certificate, the beneficiary will obtain the final certificate once you get fully vaccinated.

Significance of the COVID Vaccination card?

In the coming times, a Covid vaccination certificate will be as important as your Aadhar card. The vaccination card will be used while travelling to other foreign countries, cities after the coronavirus situation are relieved in India. 

How to download your COVID certificate?

As soon as you receive your first dose of vaccine, you will get a link to download your certificate via an SMS on your registered mobile number. You can also sign in to the Cowin portal to download your vaccination card. The certificate can also be downloaded from the Aarogya Setu app using your beneficiary ID. 



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