Mother's love is above all be it an animal or human. A similar kind of incident was soon in The Sedgwick County Zoo (SCZ) when a newborn baby chimpanzee was reunited with his mother. On Thursday, a baby chimpanzee was reunited with his mother for the first time who was on oxygen support ever since birth. The Sedgwick County Zoo which is a major attraction in Wichita, Kansas (USA) shared the video of their meeting on social media, and ever since then, adorable footage is winning the hearts of netizens. Apart from their meeting, the SCZ also released the newborn’s name.

In the Sedgwick County Zoo chimpanzee video, it can be seen the mother chimpanzee entered the area where her baby was kept. At first, the chimpanzee sees her child and when she finds out that the baby is her own, she lifts her up and emotionally hugs him for the first time after giving birth.

Watch Sedgwick County Zoo chimpanzee video

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Why was the baby on oxygen?

As per The Sedgwick County Zoo officials quoted by US media, Chimpanzee Mahale was laboring throughout the morning when the animal care team noticed changes in her progression. They made the decision to intervene surgically, and Kucheza was born at 12:48 p.m. via C-Section. The zoo was quoted saying Mahale is recovering well behind the scenes. Due to low oxygen levels, Kucheza received treatment and bottle feedings from the animal care team before being reunited with his mom.

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