A woman in Wichita city Kansas, USA, hurled homophobic slurs at a car wash employee after being allegedly caught stealing a car wash for her premium car. The Wichita Woman car wash video has been going viral on social media with netizens slamming her for being 'homophobic'. In fact, Wichita Kansas woman car wash viral video has been spreading like a wildfire on social media and now started getting traction from around the world. The Wichita woman allegedly tried to use pepper spray after he confronted her outside the car wash station.

In the Wichita car wash woman video, it can be seen the woman screaming and yelling at the employee who was recording her allegedly after trying to steal the car wash. In the Kansas woman car wash video, the woman can be seen hurling homophobic abuses and saying, "You fuc*ing narcissist, you are working in a car wash." The car employee says, 'You need to leave', then the woman replies, 'I am not trying to steal your fuc*ing wash'. The employee repeats himself and asked the woman to leave the car wash, however, the woman kept on abusing him. When the woman goes in reverse gear, other men asked the employee why is she yelling, the employee says, 'She is trying to steal wash'. Fumed at this statement, the woman stops the car and comes out saying, 'Are you fuc*ing kidding me?'

Seeing this, the employee warns the woman that he will call the cops if she does not leave from there. The woman then took out a spray from her bag allegedly pepper spray and tries to use it on the employee. The woman yells, 'Go ahead call the cops, you fuc*ing pha*ot'. When the woman goes back in her car, the employee follows her. Seeing this, the woman screams yet again saying, 'Get the fu*k away from my car. Why are you fuc*ing following my car?' The employee reminds the woman that she needs to go 'that way'.

Watch Wichita car wash woman viral video

Netizens slam the woman in the Wichita Kansas Viral Video

As soon as the video went viral, netizens slammed the woman. One user wrote, "She’s shaming a person because they work at a car wash? Then the homophobic slurs… what is it with these nasty, trailer trashy heifers? I bet she doesn’t even have a job, thinking she’s somebody special in her ‘95 Mercedes, trying to get a car wash for free. How she feel now?"

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Another user wrote, "In addition to yelling out slurs, she tries to insult the employee for working at a car wash, but I didn’t know trash could afford a Mercedes. Who knew?"

"What a dumpster fire of a human being. I am completely disgusted. That poor person just trying to their job. I hope they filed a police report." added another user.

Another user wrote, "Not to defend her but that she can stand and talk simultaneously is quite remarkable."

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