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Born and brought up in Agra, Wing Commander Prithvi Singh Chauhan was the pilot of Mi-17V5 that crashed in Tamil Nadu on December 8. The chopper was carrying CDS General Bipin Rawat, his wife and 12 other personnel. 13 of 14, including wing commander PS Chauhan, were killed. IAF Group Captain Varun Singh has been the sole survivor of the accident and is being treated for severe burns.

As the entire country mourns the demise of CDS General Bipin Rawat and others, Wing Commander PS Chauhan's family recalls the last conversation before the tragic crash.

The 42 year old wing commander was posted at the Indian Air Force Station in Coimbatore and last talked to his family a night before the tragic accident.

When the IAF officer’s mother Sushila Chauhan talked to his son over the phone on Tuesday night, little did she know that it was the last time she’s hearing his voice. As she got the unfortunate news of her son’s demise, the mother has been recalling every single word spoken by him.

Prithivi Chauhan was the only son of his parents and was the youngest of all five siblings. Being youngest in the house he was everyone’s beloved and his four sisters doted him. And so does he.

The deceased officer was married and had two children daughter Aaradhya (12) and son Aviraj (9) with his wife Kamini.

As the news of Chauhan’s demise flashed on media, the family was devastated. Shell-shocked father Surendra Singh Chauhan could only say that "He (PS Chauhan) would talk to everyone with affection."

Mr Chauhan later sobbed when senior administration and police officers visited him.

The Air Force officer's sister, Mina Singh, said she last saw her brother at Rakhi this year. "This year, for the first time in 31 years, we all gathered for Rakhi. He adored his sisters, and if we needed anything, he would make it happen."

Agra's brave commander is survived by his parents, wife Kamini and daughter Aaradhya (12) and son Aviraj (9). 

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