Wrap up THESE financial tasks before their deadline on March 31

The month of March draws to close and with it come several deadlines for finance related tasks.

India Trending March 31

The month of March draws to close and with it come several deadlines for finance related tasks. Failure to complete these tasks before March 31 is likely to result in inconviniences. Here are the tasks whose deadline is set on March 31:


Minimum Investment Deadline

In government contributed savings schemes like PPF or Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, a minimum deposit of Rs 500 and Rs 250 respectively has to be made in a year. If this minimum deposit is not made in any financial year then your account will fall into default category. You will not get much benefit from tax exemption. Complete this work before March 31, 2024.


Home Loan Discount:

You can avail the discount on home loan under the special scheme being run by State Bank of India (SBI) for home loan before March 31, 2024. This exemption includes home loans for NRIs, flex-pay, non-salaried. SBI is giving home loan at concessional rate to those whose CIBIL score is better.


SBI Amrit Kalash Special FD

The last date to invest in SBI Amrit Kalash is 31 March 2024. According to the SBI website, this scheme with a special tenure of 400 days is offering an interest rate of 7.10% from April 12, 2023. The interest rate for senior citizens is 7.60%.



After 31st, banks will deactivate or blacklist Fastag with incomplete KYC (Know Your Customer) process. After this, payment will not be made despite having balance in Fastag. NHAI has asked Fastag customers to complete the KYC process for Fastag as per the rules of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), so that the Fastag facility can be provided without any hassle.


IDBI Bank Special FD

IDBI Bank Utsav Callable FD is offering interest rates of 7.05%, 7.10% and 7.25% on special tenures of 300 days, 375 days and 444 days respectively. If you want to invest in this scheme, then complete this work before March 31.


Updating Nominee

This is a part of Know Your Customer i.e. KYC. If you have not updated the nominee in your bank accounts, shares, PPF account and elsewhere, then do it before March 31. Apart from this, SEBI has extended the nominee update date in demat account. Now this work can be completed by 30 June 2024.