‘It is wrong to impose NSA now…’: Amritpal’s family members call for his release after Lok Sabha victory

Amritpal’s family called upon the government to lift the NSA imposed on Amritpal, saying that it is wrong for him to still be jailed even after winning the elections with so much support.

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Jailed radical preacher and Waris Punjab De chief, Amritpal Singh, was the cause of a major upset in Lok Sabha elections 2024 after winning the Sri Khadoor Sahib seat by the largest voter margin in Punjab. Following his victory in the elections, Amritpal’s family held a press conference in Amritsar. In the press conference, Amritpal’s family had called upon the government to lift the NSA imposed on Amritpal, saying that it is wrong for him to still be jailed even after winning the elections with so much support.

Amritpal’s father had thanked the voters for helping Amritpal secure the victory by such a large margin. He further called for the government to take the right steps following his victory and bring him out of prison. He said that the family is waiting for the government to do the right thing. If it does not do so, then the family will take some concrete steps, he clarified. He further claimed that the public is angry, seeing that Amritpal has not been released from jail yet.

Jaspreet Singh said that Amritpal was promoting the anti-drug campaign and saving the youth of Punjab and that a foreign association is also making efforts for Amritpal's release

Singh's father also implored the National Media to play a positive role. That Punjab should not be defamed. “We have come together with the community of peace and peace of Punjab. We are also together with the Hindu community. We want to take everyone together and take Punjab forward. Punjab has suffered a lot” he said. He further said that there was a third party trying to defame the family saying that, “even today an advertisement has been printed in our name with our photos which is defaming us otherwise we will also take legal action against them. We condemn those who have put up these posters or advertisements here with our photos.” Amritpal Singh's family members said that we are also going to file a complaint with the police against this.

He said that even earlier it was being said by the media that Amrit Pal's papers were not being submitted and false rumors were being spread. He said that against this we have filed it in the High Court as well. He said that 4 lakh 40 thousand people have given a mandate by voting in favor of Amritpal.

Or the father of Punjab said that when Amritpal comes out, he will remain neutral for the time being if the party raises any voice for the rights of Punjab, and we will support him. There, this Bibi Khalra said that we do not make any announcement to support BJP or Congress, He said that we will work for the good of Punjab and for the good of the Panth.

He said that two independent candidates have won in Punjab and both have won for the right of the sect. He said that we have fought the election on two issues, one is the issue of the Bandi Singhs, which is the issue of drugs and the other is the issue of ending the drug business.

He said that the party which talks about releasing the captive Singhs and ending drugs will be the ones that recieve their support. He said that people are now electing independent candidates and not the panth. He said that both Amrit Pal Singh and Sarabjit Singh will work together for the interests of Punjab. “The people of Punjab are against bullying; these parties have put the youth of Punjab into drugs. Now the media should come forward and raise their voice against drugs for the benefit of the people of Punjab” he said. Amritpal Singh's father also thanked the Election Commissioner and administrative officials who played a role in conducting fair elections.