Year-ender USA: Top 6 Controversial events that jolted Americans in 2022

From the concerning US Abortion verdict to celebrities-centric incidents 2022 has been a year to be remembered for generations to come

Year-ender USA: Top 6 Controversial events that jolted Americans in 2022 -

After a couple of tough and prolonged years under COVID, 2022 came into our lives as a stress reliever where the cases associated with the historic turbulence of coronavirus fell to an all-time low and restrictions eased ensuring hassle-free mobility of people across the national boundaries.

Although political instability, humanitarian hardships, and celebrity-related controversies remained at the center of news for the major part of the year all around. Beginning with the standoff of a border dispute between Ukraine and Russia that ended up in the war to high-profile controversies in the sphere of American celebrities this year is memorable in several regards.

In this section of the year-ender here we present to you 6 such incidents associated with the US that jolted Americans in 2022:

1. US Abortion Law Case: The US Supreme Court this year overturned a landmark 1973 judgment that legalized abortion. Back in June this year the apex American court put a bar over the constitutional legality granted to terminate the pregnancy, the move which was highly criticized by the incumbent US President Joe Biden his close friend Barack Obama, and leaders from around the world. The Roe vs Wade ruling had enshrined a woman's right to abortion but 50 years later, the power is now bested upon the individual states whether they can permit or restrict the procedure.

2. Tech World Layoffs: 2022 has been horrific for thousands of techies as the world saw a huge fall in the number of jobs that remained in the major tech companies to half. In the job reduction spree, American tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Twitter, and others reduced the workforce owing to cost-cutting measures. A year certainly hard to forget as the world proceeds in the fear of a possible recession that might hit in the coming year.

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3. Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover: The man with several aims who is among the techies responsible for revolutionizing technology in the 21st century shocked the world with his forced takeover in a $44 billion deal, but what followed thereafter made much of the news more than anything else. From mass-scale layoffs to the lop-sided decision or be it any call, Twitter as a company was proceeding in an arbitrary fashion that drew sharp criticism from celebrities around the world including fellow Americans. 2022 has been among the most-pathetic year for the microblogging platform since its inception for sure.

4. Jonny Depp and Amber Heard Case: Among the most talked about court cases in American history, the former star couple’s defamation trial that the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star filed against his ex-wife owing to the defamatory charges she indicted against Depp through years old op-ed was seen and observed by people and their fans around the globe giving Heard a mileage initially but an equally embarrassing stage hard for her to tackle soon after the pronouncement of the verdict.

5. Will Smith’s Oscar Slapgate: This year's Academy Awards were memorable for a rather different reason. Actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock on the Oscars stage for joking about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. What prompted the slap was Rock cracking a joke comparing Jada's tightly cropped hair to Demi Moore's appearance in the film "G.I. Jane". Jada, an actor, suffers from alopecia which causes hair loss. Smith later apologized to Rock and his family in an Instagram video.

6. Kanye West: From divorcing Kim Kardashian to a disgusted and embarrassing series of events that blew apart the entire career of inarguably one of the world’s most controversial rappers. Not just his reputation, his controversial statements knock him off with all the major business-related ties with major brands around the globe leading to a huge fall in the personal wealth of Kanye West who is now known by Ye.