“You must not give up on your dreams,” Harsh Goenka’s powerful message on life is a must-read

Industrialist Harsh Goenka has shared a valuable post about life on Twitter which is receiving lots of love from his fans and followers.

Indian business tycoon Harsh Goenka has posted a powerful message about life and self on Twitter which is getting lots of appreciation and love from his fans and followers on the social media platform. 

His valuable and inspirational words are one to be cherished and also something to be implemented on. 


Harsh Goenka’s post.

Harsh Goenka who is very active on Twitter and always amuses netizens with his sense of humour said that "We are who we choose to be," and for that, you must not give up on your dreams and pursue them relentlessly.

"Nobody's going to save you, you've got to save yourself. Nobody's going to give you anything, you've got to go get it. Nobody knows what you want except you, and you'll be the loser if you don't get it. So don't give up and go get your dreams," Harsh Goenka said in his post.

Read what Harsh Goenka posted:


Internet responded:

Harsh Goenka's post managed to get hundreds of likes as his message resonated with fans. 

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"Your words seem like the sun to me," a user said. 

Another commented, "Crisp and short with an awesome message."







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