Online food delivery service company Zomato will now deliver food to you in 10 minutes. The company's founder Deepinder Goyal has given this information through a blog. However, due to this Zomato faced a lot of backlash on Twitter.

Mr. Deepinder Goyal issued a clarification on how this will work.

Hello twitter, good morning. I just want to tell you more about how 10-minute delivery works, and how it is as safe for our delivery partners as 30-minute delivery. This time, please take 2 minutes to read through this (before the outrage)," Mr. Goyal tweeted this morning.

"No penalties for late deliveries. No incentives for on-time deliveries for both 10- and 30-minute deliveries," Mr. Goyal added.

"We are building new food stations to enable 10-minute service for specific customer locations only," shared Mr. Deepinder.

All delivery boys will be given training on road safety. They will also be given road safety and life insurance.

Memes started circulating after Zomato announced 10-minute food delivery. Have a look:


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