Emily Willis to Adele: Top 8 celebs who battled drug or alcohol addiction
By True Scoop

Adult movie star Emily Willis is currently fighting for her life allegedly due to drug addiction.

Adele in 2023 confessed she turned borderline alcoholic in her 20s.

H'wood actor Jared Leto in an interview confessed that he overcame drug addiction.

Former WWE Diva Paige once opened up about her brave battle with drug addiction. Her bf Ronnie Radke helped her overcome it.

During a Season 2 episode of National Geographic’s Running Wild With Bear Grylls, Bradley Cooper opened up about his struggles with drugs and alcohol.

Spiderman fame actor Tom Holland in an interview opened up about his journey with alcohol addiction.

Vikings star Alexander Ludwig opened up for the first time on Instagram about his struggles with addiction on the 5th anniversary of his sobriety.

Model and actress Cara Delevingne once confessed that she is sober last year

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