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Many of the Indians show vaccine hesitancy but on the other side, there is Bihar's Madhepura district’s Brahmadeo Mondal. Brahmadeo claimed that he has got twelve Covid-19 vaccination jabs and wanted to have more because he believed that vaccination administration has helped in curing his ailments. 

He said that “his general condition started improving magically and his joints pain subsided with each jab”. 

He told, media agency The Indian Express, “I took my first jab in January (2021) when I was barely able to walk. After my general health condition improved with the second dose, I decided to take another shot. I produced my Aadhaar card four times and voter ID card twice to get jabs.” And he got his second jab in February. 

According to Mondal, since the offline vaccination drive has started, the booking centre failed to detect his identity and vaccination history. He was identified when he visited the vaccination centre for his 12th shot. He further said that he had not suffered from any side-effect due to the vaccine. 

“I also sought to clear rumours about some people dying after getting vaccinated,” he said and added that the vaccine has cured his aliments and he is walking easily. 

Meanwhile, Madhepura civil surgeon Dr AP Shahi said, “We are looking into the matter and trying to find out if it was because of offline registration. We have also spoken to Mandal.” 

Before this, Patna and Arwal has reported cases related to faked names. 

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