Punjab Health Minister Dr. Vijay Singla has warned the doctors who want to do private practice. Big decisions are being taken in the public and private departments and now Health Minister Vijay Singla has decided for the people associated with the health department. He has shown strictness to the doctors to address the shortcomings of the health department. Health Minister Vijay Singla today asked the government doctors in Patiala to either get a government job or start his private practice. Now doctors have to decide for themselves what they want to do. If the doctors still do not make such a decision, they may be severely punished. 

He said that proper arrangements will be made in the hospitals. Labs and other equipment will be installed there. Arrangements will be made according to the needs of the people and hospitals. There are various problems associated with the health department in which complaints of the arbitrariness of doctors are always received. 

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He also met the students who returned from Ukraine. He mentioned that the students are worried about their education and asked the minister in helping them to continue their studies. 

It was observed that private practice was being conducted by the doctors instead of the government hospital and a large amount of money was being collected from them. Due to this arbitrariness of the doctor, the patients were facing a lot of difficulties. Due to the absence of doctors in the government hospital, the department also had to pay the price.   

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