The Indo-Pak cricket match is the most awaited and loved battle across the globe. Even though you are not a cricket fan you would not wish to miss any glimpse of it.

The battle is not just heated on the field rather the spark and temptations among the fans remain equally at the top.

But what has emerged from Round 2 of the India-Pakistan face-off in the ongoing Asia Cup from the stands has left the Netizens falling in love with the moment.

A young Pakistani fan lifted up in the arms of a man has grabbed the attention of people and has left the internet in an ‘awwww’ moment.

Asia Cup 2022: All eyes on Dubai yet again as India, Pakistan gear up for another showdown

The adorable images of the ‘Youngest Pakistani fan’ dressed in the Pakistani shirt from Dubai International Stadium have been among the center points of the match apart from the Indo-Pak battle on the field.

The scene has received an overwhelming response from the fans irrespective of the teams they support. Netizens have been pouring their immense love over the pictures besides cheering up for their team.

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