BCCI's income up by 273%; players getting 12 times more fees, know how IPL revolutionised cricket in India

IPL has completed 13 years, since its inception in 2008. Since then it has highly impacted cricket and cricketers all over the world. IPL has become legendary, and now most countries schedule their cricket calendar according to the dates of IPL.

Many cricketers have openly revealed their enthusiasm for the Indian Premier League.  The cricketer from many countries has publically said that if the schedule of their national team matches clashes with the date of IPL, they will give preference to the Indian Premier League. It has been 13 years since the conception of the Indian Premier League, and it has changed the image of Indian cricket in the world.

Impacts of IPL

IPL has impacted not only Indian cricket, but world cricket, cricketers, and cricket boards. But, as expected it has profited Indian Cricketers, and Indian board, BCCI more. Team India has won about 22% more matches since 2008. BCCI’s income has also increased by 273% and players get 12 times more fees.  IPL has increased not only the earnings of cricketers and cricket boards but their performance and status.

The world’s largest cricket league, the Indian Premier League has positively changed Cricket in India from its very beginning.  The records of team India have improved in three formats. Before the beginning of IPL, team India had won only 38% of matches in all three formats collectively.

India’s performance

Since 2008, India’s winning rate has increased by 22%. Analyzing India’s winning rate in all three formats, individually: The winning rate in test matches increased from 22% to 51%; before the start of IPL, Team India had played 418 matches in 76 years in Test cricket, and won 94 matches. This means only 22%mathes were won by India. Since the beginning of IPL, India has played 132 test matches. Of these 68 matches are won, i.e. 51% wins.

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Winning rate in ODI’s increased from 47% to 62%; before the inception of IPL, India played 682 matches in 34 years. Of these, the team won 323 ODI matches, i.e. 47%. Now, after the beginning of IPL, Team India played 311 ODIs. Out of these 193 were won, which is 62%. The win rate increased by 60% to 62% in T20; India played only 10 matches in T20 cricket before 2008. Team India had won 6 matches out of these i.e. 60%.Since the beginning of IPL, 132 T20 matches have been played. Of these 82matches are won i.e. 62%.

How IPL profits BCCI

BCCI earns 67% of its revenue from IPL. Even before the beginning of IPL, BCCI was the richest board in the world. However, it has increased the gap between BCCI and the cricket board of other countries. In the annual report 2019-20 BCCI has stated its total income to be Rs3, 730.

Of this, IPL contributes to Rs 2,500. In 2007, before the start of IPL,BCCI had an income of 1,000 crores; which means its income has increased by273%.Benefits of IPL to players With the increase in the earning of the board, the income of players has also been increased by 1000% after IPL. The players who got the BCCI National Contract have also increased by about 12 times. Before the start of IPL, players with top-level contracts used to get 60 lakh rupees annually. Since 2008, this amount has increased to 7 crores.

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