"Mera paani utarte dekh kinare par ghar mat bana lena...Mein Samundar hoon, laut kar aaunga" (Don't make a house on the shore thinking my tide has gone out; I am the sea, and I shall return.)

These were the words of now Union Home Minister Amit Shah when he was arrested in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case in 2010. With the Congress leader Chidambaram as Union Home Minister at the time, Shah was a minister of Gujarat.

Shah who describes him as the “Chanakya of Indian Politics” was arrested for allegedly giving the Gujarat police permission to kill the feared gangster Sohrabuddin in 2005.

The said arrest had negatively affected Shah’s political image to an extent that several Gujarat ministers started making distance from him.

The flag bearer of Hindutva strongly believes in his Kundli.

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Recalling about his time in jail and a few months afterwards, Amit Shah says, "My stars were against me at the time.” He believed that his rough phase will only end after June 2016.

"I know that when I die, these encounter cases will be mentioned in my obituary without fail." 

"Nothing will be able to change this. So, what's the point of trying to improve my image? My work for my political party is important to me. One day, it will speak,” were the words of Amit Shah in 2016.

Today, every Indian knows the name of Amit Shah, not as a Gujarat minister who was arrested for a fake encounter, but as the Home Minister of India.

Amit Anil Chandra Shah today turned 57 and it’s fair to say that he is the second-most powerful man in Indian politics after PM Narendra Modi.

If 2014-19 was a Modi show, 2019 onwards has been a Modi-Shah rule. Amit Shah termed a modern-day Chanakya for handing the BJP state after state since 2014, has played a crucial role in the BJP's current dominance in Indian politics.

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