Bear Grylls Birthday Special: Top 5 episodes of 'Into the Wild' you can't afford to miss

On the occasion of Bear Grylls' birthday, here are the best 5 episodes from his National Geographic Channel adventure series starring Rajinikanth.

Bear Grylls, the British explorer, and star of Man vs. Wild celebrates his birthday on June 7th. The explorer thrilled the audience with his audacious and life-threatening real-life stunts in the woods, making him a real-life hero for the younger generation. Bear Grylls' age being 47 hasn't prevented the actor from pursuing his daring adventures.

This time, Bear Grylls is not running alone; in the 'Into the Wild with Bear Grylls episodes,' he has taken on the duty of taking along superstars from the television industry. Some Indian celebrities, such as Rajinikanth and Narendra Modi, are among these celebrities. In honour of Bear Grylls' birthday, here are the top 5 episodes of Bear Grylls' celebrity adventure show.

Bear Grylls with Rajinikanth 

One of India's most well-known actors joined the British explorer on a delightful outing in the Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka. For many Indian fans, seeing Bear Grylls alongside Rajinikanth was a rare opportunity to see the Bollywood superstar on television for the first time. The episode's central focus was increasing awareness about water conservation. Throughout the 40-minute show, the veteran actor reflected on his career and had an open chat with the audience.

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Bear Grylls with Narendra Modi

The episode starring India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi was probably one of the most intriguing Into the Wild with Bear Grylls episodes for Indian audiences. The episode, which aired in 2019, went on to smash multiple records, amassing over 3.6 million record impressions. Bear Grylls also uploaded a photo of the two drinking tea together, which instantly became a social media sensation.

Bear Grylls with Barack Obama

Former American president Barack Obama joined the list of world leaders who 'ran wild' with Bear Grylls in the episode, impressing viewers all across the world with his agility. While hiking through Alaska, the former president ate a half-eaten salmon fish left on the riverbank by a bear. Bear Grylls, on the other hand, said in an interview with Jonathan Ross that he went 'soft' on Barack Obama in the series.

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Bear Grylls with Joseph Gordon Levitt

In an episode of the program, 500 Days of Summer star Joseph Gordon-Levitt joined the British explorer over Kenya's landscape. Bear Grylls used social media to post a few amusing clips from the show. The duo can be seen fighting crocodiles and milking camels to preserve themselves from dehydration in the action-packed episode.

Bear Grylls with Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, who starred in the film Pretty Woman, joined Bear Grylls in Kenya to carry out the noble mission of visiting a distant community deep in the forests and deserts to distribute vaccines to the children. The actress, who is known for films such as Notting Hill and Erin Brockovich, showed  remarkable zeal and excitement in the episode, impressing her admirers. In Kenya, the duo can be seen navigating their way over the tough terrain of deserts, canyons, and rivers.

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