Bengali TV actor Suvo Chakraborty attempts suicide on Facebook live, rescued by police

Suvo is known for his small roles in Bengali serials like Mangal Chandi, Irabotir Chupkotha and Manasa

Bengali Television actor Suvo Chakraborty attempted suicide on Facebook Live by consuming pills. The actor stated that he was depressed due to a lack of work amid the covid19 pandemic.

On Wednesday, the TV actor titled his Facebook video ‘I quit’ and was seen playing guitar and singing. Suvo interacted with his followers and kept consuming pills during the live stream.

“Every household has this problem. My mother will say my son is unemployed at 31. My father died last year and we are living on pension money,” Suvo said in the video.

Suvo has been out of work since August last year. He is known for his small roles in Bengali serials like Mangal Chandi, Irabotir Chupkotha and Manasa. He further added, “When one is depressed, they don’t feel like living. I am not doing this just for show. I am really swallowing sleeping pills slowly.”

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“I don’t know jumping from the roof, cutting my hand, I don’t like all this. Finally, I found sleeping pills. Those who have high blood pressure have chances of getting a cardiac arrest,” he added.

After consuming the strip of pills, Suvo said if survived he would make another video and turned off the live streaming. By then, one of Suvo’s followers informed the cops and Kolkata police traced his live location by contacting Facebook.

The police rushed to the venue to save him and have confirmed that he is safe. Reportedly, police also interacted with Suvo’s mother and sister who were in the same house but unaware of his actions.

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