Its never been easy for women to continue their studies or pursue passion after marriage. It is nevertheless, possible with the right love and support.

Now such an instance has gone viral on social media, melting people’s hearts. A girl has shared a post about her father helping her mother prepare for the exam.

Twitter user Atulaa with Twitter handle @atulaak shared how her father has been supporting her mother by doing little but important things like drawing margins in the sheet.

The girl explained that her mother is taking language exams and her father had been drawing margins on his wife’s answer sheets every day during the exam time, while also keeping her ‘pencil box’ ready.

While sharing about her father’s love for her mother, she wrote, “Mum has language exams this week and dad spends every morning margining her answer sheets and getting her pencil box ready.”

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“Small acts of service=best love language,” she concluded.

At a time when relationship and affection fade far too rapidly, the duo is giving #RelationshipGoals and netizens could not stop adoring them.

Touched by his husband’s thoughtful gesture, many young people wished they could find the same love in their future. Appreciating his efforts and love for his wife, a Twitter user said, “Made my day. And I hope to find someone to grow through life like this."

Where one wrote, “keep it up sir, society needs encouraging husbands like you”, another commented, “This is so cute, and this is the kind of #couplegoals to aspire”.

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