Poonam Pandey, who had filed a case of fraud against Raj Kundra in 2019, has said that the businessman leaked her number and she started getting calls and messages which were derogatory and threatening.

Poonam Pandey, a model and actress, has alleged that billionaire Raj Kundra, who was arrested on July 19 in connection with the production of pornographic films, released her phone number after she refused to sign a contract with a company with which Kundra was associated with.

“I was threatened with having to sign his new contract. In an interview she said, "Whatever or whenever they suggested, I'd have to shoot that way or else they'd reveal my private details.”

Pandey, who had a legal history with Kundra before to the porn controversy, said she filed a lawsuit in 2019 against Kundra and the business that was handling her app because she claimed they were utilising her videos after the contract had expired.

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"When I refused to sign the contract, he leaked my phone number with the message 'Call me now. I will strip for you'. ' He broadcasted this message, along with my personal phone number. My phone continued to ring constantly after that. Because of that, I had calls from all around the world, including threatening messages,” she added, adding that she had to go “into hiding” because of the nature of the texts she was receiving.

"I wasn't at my house. I was living the life of a runaway. Because of the messages I used to get, such as 'I know where you are,' I was afraid that something bad might happen to me. It was terrifying "Poonam remarked.

She also stated that, despite her lawyers' requests that she not speak about the matter in public, she did so in the hopes of encouraging other aspiring actors to speak up.

"I'm making this statement despite my lawyers' objections because if Raj Kundra can do this to me — and I'm a well-known figure — what can he do to others?"It's hard to know where to draw a line in the sand. "I'd like to ask all the girls to come out, and if something like this has occurred to you, raise your voice," she said.

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