Punjab origin, New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh has won re-election in Burnaby South. Brea Huang Sami of the Liberal Party came in second, and Likky Lavji of the Conservative Party finished third.
After his re-election, Singh told his supporters that he will continue to encourage the next government to implement progressive policies on healthcare, climate change, housing affordability and reconciliation.
“You can count on New Democrats to continue to work for you, just like we did during the pandemic, when situations were tough and people were struggling...when people were afraid about their future,” Singh said.
The NDP is most likely to hold the balance of power in Canada's new Liberal minority government. Thus, Singh has made it clear that he would leverage his newfound power to push for progress on topics such as Indigenous rights. He stated that he will continue to press Justin Trudeau's minority Liberal government on progressive issues.
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“We will continue fighting to ensure that the super-rich, the billionaires, pay their fair share so that the burden does not fall on you and your families.”
After being elected party leader, Singh was first elected to the Burnaby South riding in a byelection in 2019.
In the 2021 elections, the campaign which has been considered as one aimed towards younger voters, Singh employed charm as a tactic. He ran a successful social media campaign, focusing on TikTok particularly. He is the only leader with a profile on the platform, which is mostly used by those under 30.
Singh's charm has resonated with people of all political colours during the campaign, with many surveys naming him the most likeable leader.

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