CCTV: Woman dragged along by purse snatchers on a scooter in Mota Singh Nagar Jalandhar

The 70-year-old women was walking towards her home when the incident occured; no complaint has been lodged with the police yet

CCTV: Woman dragged along by purse snatchers on a scooter in Mota Singh Nagar Jalandhar | Punjab,Jalandhar-News,Mota-Singh-Nagar-Robbery- True Scoop

In a harrowing incident, a 70-year-old woman was violently dragged along by a duo of purse snatchers in the posh Jalandhar colony, Mota Singh Nagar on Wednesday. As per reports, the 70-year-old woman was dragged along for about 20 meters by 2 purse snatchers on an Activa. The entire heart-wrenching incident was caught on CCTV. The robbers have not yet been identified as per reports. The purse reportedly contained cash, bank passbook and other items


According to the elderly woman, even after 24 hours of the incident, a case has not been registered by the police, who are waiting for a complaint. The victim, whose identity remains unknown for security purposes, decided against lodging a complaint in the police station due to her mistrust in the police’s ability to address these issues. There is a fear that the robbers are likely to return.


The victim informs that she was walking home from the market at around 7 in the evening. She informs that that such cases of robbery are common in the Jalandhar colony however she had never heard of this happening to the women. the street lights were also switched off. In the ensuing darkness, someone on a scooter grabbed her purse from behind. She refused to let go off the purse following which the scooter rider increased the speed and dragged her along for several meters. Following the incident, the neighbours came to the victim’s rescue, offered her water and dropped her off at her house. 


As per reports, the victim sustained several injuries on her body. No official complaint has been lodged with the police yet, hence investigation is currently on halt. The entire robbery was caught on CCTV. You can watch the video here:

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