Families of about 921 doctors and healthcare workers who died of Coronavirus have been given Rs 50 lakh insurance each until July 15. The money has been delivered under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package, the Centre told the Parliament on Tuesday.

Minister of State for health, Bharati Pravin Pawar said in the Rajya Sabha that, “The scheme provides a comprehensive personal accident cover of ₹50 lakh to healthcare providers, including community health workers and private health workers drafted by the Government for Covid-19 related responsibilities, who may have to be in direct contact and care of Covid-19 patients and who may be at risk of being impacted by it." 

The scheme came into effect on April 24, 2021, and the benefits have been extended for more than 180 days. 

Pawar informed that the government has taken several measures to improve the safety and overall well-being of medical personnel and staff as it realised the critical condition of these human resources in dealing with the Covid pandemic, one of the most vulnerable and susceptible to the virus. 

“The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare provided guidelines on Infection Prevention and Control practices to the State Governments to minimize the risk of infection to healthcare workers," Pawar said. 

The junior health minister added that the healthcare workers were given hydroxychloroquine for prophylaxis and prevention of infection. 

"The guidelines on rational use of personal protection equipment for hospital and community settings, including front-line workers were issued that sought a risk-based approach and recommended a type of PPE that needs to be used in various risk settings," Pawar further told the parliament. 

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