Zomato is an Indian multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company that was founded in 2008 by Pankaj Chaddah and Deepinder Goyal. The firm not only provides information regarding restaurants and user reviews, menus along food delivery options from partner restaurants. 

The company has made a niche for itself by becoming one of the most popular food delivery firms in not only India but has a widespread reach in more than 10,000 cities across 24 countries. 

Zomato has one strong marketing team that will keep you wanting more delicious food. From the interesting email notifications to its funny tweets, the firm knows how to tickle your taste buds and make you order meals from them. 

Zomato's marketing team definitely are geniuses. It is not about big ideas but creating spicy content for their brand. Unlike other brands, Zomato will send you juicy content that you cannot ignore. One such email was how Zomato should celebrate its birthday month. 

Several campaigns that Zomato comes up with always have some interesting quotient in them, along with humour and creativity. 

The firm knows how to create buzz across all communication modes. The company campaign takes fun banter on social media with people joining the thread. 

Rightly said, to create a brand you don't need big lavish ideas, but minds that can think differently and can be effective in persuading people. 

Here are some of Zomato's push notifications that would deliver a fun experience to you. 


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