CJI Ramana sends a heart-warming reply to 5th-grade girl who lauded SC’s intervention in Covid-19 crisis

The beautiful hand-made illustration enclosed within the letter projects a judge giving coronavirus a smash with the gavel

 Chief Justice of India N.V. Ramana has replied to a 5th-grade school girl from Kerala who wrote an emotional letter to him over the much-needed interventions to handle the Covid-19 crisis.

The 5th grade girl namely Lidwina Joseph is 10 years old and had sent a hand-written letter to CJI Ramana. Reportedly, Lidwina, who studies at Thrissur’s Kendriya Vidyalaya in a letter, wrote she was “happy and proud” that the Supreme Court’s intervention to tackle the medical oxygen crisis was much needed. The timely intervention of SC has saved many innocent lives and has helped in lowering the rate of Covid-19 cases and related deaths, especially in Delhi.

The beautiful hand-made illustration enclosed within the letter projects a judge giving coronavirus a smash with the gavel. What more enhanced the illustration was a Tricolour, Lion Capital and a portrait of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi.

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“I am Lidwina Joseph, studying in the 5th standard of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Thrissur. I read the main news of India from the newspaper The Hindu. I was much worried about the deaths in Delhi and others parts of the country due to Corona. From the newspaper I understood that your honourable have intervened effectively at the sufferings and death of ordinary people in the fight against Covid-19. I am happy and feel proud your honourable court has moved orders for the supply of oxygen and saved many lives. I understood your honourable court has initiated effective steps in bringing down Covid-19 and the death rate in our country, especially in Delhi. I thank you your Honour for this. Now I feel very proud and happy,” read 10 years old letter.   

Taking cognizance of the matter, CJI replied to the 5th-grade girl and wrote, “My dear Lidwina, I have received your beautiful letter along with a heart-warming illustration of the judge at work. I am really impressed with the way you kept track of happenings in the country and the concern that you have displayed for the well being of people in the wake of the pandemic.”

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It further read,  “I am sure you will grow-up into an alert, an informed and responsible citizen who will contribute immensely towards the nation-building.”

Sending a signed copy of the constitution CJI wrote, “With best wishes and blessings for your all-round success.”

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