COVID: Similar plight as century-old Spanish Flu

Like clockwork, human history is repeating itself – most things are similar, except one.

We, who have been fortunate than the 3.2 million individuals who were unable to tolerate the onslaught of the pandemic Corona virus, are not in uncharted waters.

Our ancestors, about a hundred years ago, faced a surprisingly similar situation. One aspect is different and we ought to be thankful for that.

Further, if we may be bold enough to extrapolate, a century from now, people then would be analyzing the pandemic of that time with our COVID.

Anyways, we are still way far from the light at the end of the tunnel, but this writer has a firm belief that humans as a species will survive, especially with the current technology at our disposal.

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Now, let’s talk about COVID and Spanish Flu.

Waves and their destruction

Spanish Flu had three waves of which the first was mild, the second was the most devastating, and the last was moderate one.

Right now, the world is in the second wave of COVID, and judging by the ground reality of non-developed nations, it appears that the second is much more devastating than the first one.

No cure, only prevention

When the world of our ancestors was being plundered by Spanish Flu, at the time there was no cure and the same is for our world at the time of writing – COVID has no cure.

Economic disruption

Lockdowns and closure of non-essential businesses was done during the times of Spanish Flu and same is the case now in the world.

What may be non-essential from a high-level perspective of policy-makers and leaders of the society is critically essential for the person and their family whose livelihood is being condemned for no fault of theirs.

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Thus, the middle and the lower class get squeezed dry financially and thus are pushed down the social hierarchy.

Sanitisation, social distancing, face masks

Using disinfectants, maintaining physical distance, and wearing face masks – our ancestors have been here too.

Non-cooperation of people

Humans will be humans. A hundred years ago too people were resistant to following orders like wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, and others.

The same is noticed now also. In the hometown of this writer, people are routinely flouting the administration’s rules for curbing COVID.

In fact, this writer has seen people who consider it a show of clout to openly flout the rules.

One difference

There is one difference and that is the technology we have at our disposal is light years ahead of what it was a century ago.

What next?

If we see so many similarities, then it goes on to present a strong case that we may see a third wave in 2022.

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