Kanhaiya Kumar, a former student leader who joined the Congress this week, defended his new party's leadership, which has come under fire in the aftermath of a slew of crises in Punjab.
" Criticism of the Congress leadership helps the BJP... Everybody understands that when the country's biggest opposition party is Congress." In an interview with a reputed media outlet, Kanhaiya Kumar said that the more successful Congress becomes, the larger the defeat for BJP will be.
Talking about the urgency of situation, Kanhaiya said "During the JNU protests, Congress, especially Rahul Gandhi, took a strong stance... I, like many other youngsters, believe that the time is running out."
"The party that has a legacy of gaining freedom for the country must be the strongest to save freedom,” the new party recruit stated.
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"Many young people nowadays, including myself, believe that... he (Rahul Gandhi) is sincere, that his fight is sincere. He is a bold leader who believes in the triumph of truth," he remarked.
"BJP is calling me 'Tukde-Tukde gang,'" Mr Kumar added, " I am the BJP's 'Tukde-Tukde,' and I will continue to be the BJP's 'Tukde-Tukde.'"
"Those who were termed corrupt here (when in the Congress), have been laundered clean with Nirma Super Power once they joined the BJP," he asserted, responding to allegations of widespread corruption during previous Congress tenures.
The former CPI leader, Kanhaiya Kumar along with political activist Jignesh Mevani joined the grand old party on September 28. Congress roped in these two leaders ahead of assembly polls for their oratory and crowd pulling capabilities.
The party believes that Kanhaiya’s joining would give the party a second chance to reclaim its former glory.

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